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It all began back in 1985, when a quirky and inquisitive Liz Abbene read an article in Reader’s Digest “Drama in Real Life” section about a neonatologist who saved the life of a premature baby born at 28 weeks, on an airplane. That, combined with a mother who was a labor and delivery nurse and childbirth educator, and her seemingly inborn love for babies, mamas, and families, sparked passion that lasted over 20 years, when Enlightened Mama was born in 2007.

Originally, Enlightened Mama was just Liz and her birth doula, Lamaze childbirth education, and lactation business, working privately and as a contractor, however she always knew that someday Enlightened Mama would be more.  It would become somewhere for mamas, babies, and families to get confidence-building, evidence-based education that wasn’t biased. It would be a safe haven for families to ask questions, nurse babies, and become the kind of parents they wanted to be, without judgement.

EM_LizErin1A chance meeting (or two) with the amazing Erin Sutton, fueled by an strong gut feeling (a huge part of our philosophy here) and Liz realized that her dream to make Enlightened Mama a place as opposed to just being a solo person, was about to become real, and Erin was the mama to make it happen.  Add in the need head shots and photos for the walls coupled with the need for talented photographer, filmmaker, nurse, soon-to-be midwife Emily Rumsey to move her studio into a more suitable location (mom and dad’s attic was great, but it was time to move on,) and acupuncturist, Erika Sullivan, taking a chance on a little dream, and Enlightened Mama, Suite G-40 in Saint Paul, arrived in June of 2012.

Things were going great in our cozy space, but another bout with serendipity and a chance discovery of a vacant suite upstairs, full of exposed brick, skylights, a deck, hardwood floors, and more space lead to us celebrating our first birthday with a “Movin’ On Up!” party as well.  Our new space is filled with even more light, more warmth, and more to offer you and your family as you navigate your journey of parenthood.EM group

You are embarking on one of life’s most incredible, exciting, and rewarding journeys. The key to a positive birth and parenting experience is to be educated and informed about all of your options. Then, you can trust your instincts and feel confident to make decisions that feel right for you, your baby and your family. Enlightened Mama is here to help! Enlightened Mama offers evidence-based, Lamaze® childbirth education, lactation education and support, new parent groups, DONA-certified birth doula services and training, and other classes to support you throughout pregnancy, birth, and parenting. As you nurture your mind, you will discover how to best nurture your child. Be enlightened!

At Enlightened Mama, we also partner with some amazing wellness practitioners at Enlightened Wellness )  Check out Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage, and Homeopathy  to balance the body and mind!  Read the whole story here!

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