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The Breast Start: Lactation Support at Enlightened Mama

Enlightened Mama offers comprehensive breastfeeding classes, personalized consulting provided by International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC), and craniosacral therapy to build your confidence and help you achieve your personal breastfeeding goals!

We are THRILLED to offer lactation consultation at the Minnesota Birth Center !  You’ll get the same  personal, quality care you deserve, now with insurance coverage!

Lactation Consultation & Counseling

Got a lactation situation?  Liz and Gigi are here to help!  As IBCLCs (Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants)  we are highly trained in managing any issues you may have while breastfeeding–from positioning and latching techniques, to difficulties such as sore nipples, tongue tie, lip tie, supply concerns, pre-term babies, mastitis, thrush, plugged ducts, breastfeeding after reduction, multiples, and more- we’ve got you covered!  At Enlightened Mama, you will receive lactation support unlike any other.  We pride ourselves in being “breast detectives,” often solving the mysteries and problems that others have not been able to.  In addition being lactation consultants, we are also birth doulas, so understand the deep emotional relationship between the family and the feeding experience. Our top priorities when we are supporting new families in their breastfeeding journey, however that may look for the individual, regardless of interventions and tools being used, no matter how long the duration of breastfeeding…

1. Feed your baby.
2. Feel sane, for both you and your baby.
3. Enjoy your baby.

We offer in-office consultations in the comfort of your home or at the Minnesota Birth Center, Saint Paul.


Initial visits (1-2 hours) $150 for in-home visits, $100 for in-office visits

Follow-up visits (30-60 minutes) $100 for in-home visits, $50 for in-office visits

Prenatal consults (30-60 minutes) $75 in-office visits

Add craniosacral therapy to any lactation visit for $45

(*Please note that we travel up to 25 miles for initial in-home visits.  Additional travel fees may apply for follow-up or visits greater than 25 miles.)

Minnesota Birth Center consultations are available as a 1-hour initial or a 30-minute follow-up appointment options.  Insurance coverage may be available or standard in-office rates apply. Please call/text 952-457-3834 to schedule an appointment.  MBC accepts the insurance plans listed here.



You’ve probably heard “Breast is Best!” but maybe you don’t know why or how–take the classes!   We offer Breastfeeding Essentials: Preparing for Birth and the Early Days discuss the importance of breastfeeding, how breastfeeding works, how to breastfeed, ways to improve success from the first latch, common concerns of the first days, and how to set up early support. Already nursing but want to keep things going?  Take our Breast and Beyond to keep things flowing! Learn how to incorporate breastfeeding into your work and social life, how things change as baby grows, pumping, introducing solids, the weaning process, and common problems.

Breastfeeding Packages

You’ve probably heard “Breast is Best!” but there’s definitely more to it than that.   We offer a monthly Breastfeeding Essentials Comprehensive class at our office at the MN Birth Center, Saint Paul.  Topics include:

  • the importance of breastfeeding
  • how breastfeeding works
  • finding comfort with breastfeeding
  • ways to improve success & reach your personal breastfeeding goals, from the first latch
  • common concerns of the first days
  • how to incorporate breastfeeding into your work & social life
  • pumping basics

Because support is key to breastfeeding success, partners are strongly encouraged to attend, at no additional cost.

Fee:  $75

Breastfeeding Packages

Enlightened Mama Breastfeeding Essentials Package

Education and support from the start! Combine our most popular and comprehensive classes, with support to establish and maintain a positive breastfeeding relationship with your baby!


• 3-hour “Breastfeeding Essentials Comprehensive” classimg_1977

• 1 initial in-home/in-hospital lactation visit, typically within the first week of your baby’s life

• 1 follow-up, in-office lactation visit, at your convenience

  • Plus an amazing Theraline nursing pillow!

Fee: $295 ($325 value)    Purchase package Here and register for classes and book appointments that work for you!

Enlightened Mama Breastfeeding Essentials Mini-Package


• 3-hour “Breastfeeding Essentials Comprehensive” class

• 1  in-office lactation visit, at your convenience

  • Plus an amazing Theraline nursing pillow! 

Fee: $195 ($225 value) Purchase package Here and register for classes and book appointments that work for you!


“A pair of substantial mammary glands have the advantage over the two hemispheres of the most learned professor’s brain in the art of compounding a nutritive fluid for infants.” -Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes

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