I am a certified birth doula and doula trainer with DONA (Doulas of North America), a Lamaze®-Certified Childbirth Educator & trainer, and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, trained through University of California, San Diego, where I am now an instructor of lactation studies as well. I live in St. Paul, MN with my incredibly supportive wife and four fabulous children, who inspire and humble me on a daily basis.  I serve families in the entire Twin Cities metro and surrounding area.

My passion for birth began as a young child, inspired by the work my mother did as a labor and delivery nurse and childbirth educator. Throughout my life, I continued to be fascinated with birth as I began my own journey through pregnancy and into motherhood. Now through my work,  I am thrilled and honored to support  families as they welcome a new life into the world and become confident parents.

I believe that every person who is fortunate enough to become pregnant has the wisdom and instincts within themselves to birth their baby, in the way that feels most instinctive and intuitive. However, our society often makes this difficult to do with confidence and without fear, bombarding us with negative images and horror stories surrounding birth.  This translates into parenting, as families rely on advice that often conflicts with their own instincts. As a doula, educator, and lactation consultant,  I am not here to dictate the “best” way to give birth and care for babies, but rather to give families the opportunity to make truly informed decisions that feel right for them.

I am also the founder of Enlightened Mama, our education, wellness, and support center designed to offer a safe space for families to get quality education, connect with others, and feel confident throughout their journey of parenting. Enlightened Mama is designed to help families have positive birth and breastfeeding experiences, as they define them, and to begin parenthood with confidence.

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