Why I Love Enlightened Mama…baby Willis

Nichole & Eli say…

“I can’t say enough how valuable, informative, and meaningful your class was for us. I have a few friends who are also pregnant right now and I haven’t recommended much, but the one gospel I’ve been spreading is the incredible necessity of a class like yours (and yours specifically). There is absolutely no way I can imagine I’d feel as confident and prepared for my first birth, if it weren’t for those 4 nights with you. No book, video, or conversation with a friend would have provided the same kind of preparation and tailored experience. It was exactly what we needed, and at just the right time in this pregnancy. So THANK YOU!”

Megan says…

I want to tell you how you helped me prepared for the unexpected. First, I was knowledgeable. Second, I was empowered to ask many questions and advocate for myself and my family. Third, I was able to make difficult decisions with confidence. Fourth, I know I made some decisions that were not the best, but I was able to forgive myself and stay focused on the present moment and the important job of making the best decision in the present. Finally, during the most most scary and painful moments of this entire experience I had my partner with me and he gave me the strength I needed when I felt the weakest using the principles and skills we learned in Lamaze class. Thank you!

Our students say…

As the mama-t0-be, my confidence in the birth process has soared as my partner learned more and more about his ability to have an active role in the process. I felt like I was fairly confident in the birth process before the class, but was concerned that my partner did not have the confidence, tools, or knowledge necessary to support me during birth. It was incredibly relieving (and adorable!) to see my partner get really involved and ask questions during our Lamaze Childbirth Prep class. As a result of the class, we feel much more connected as a couple and as a birth team. 

Angie & Mark say…

“I would never attempt to give birth to another child without Liz. The birth of my first child was full of unnecessary medical intervention and fear. So, when my husband and I decided to have another child, I knew I wanted something different.

Liz helped us to sort out what was important to us and directed us to resources that helped us prepare for an unmedicated natural birth. When I went into labor, she was with my husband and I the entire time, guiding my husband’s hands in massage, coaching me and reassuring me. It was comforting to both of us.

When my 8 lb. 8 oz baby was born without any medical intervention, I felt triumphant! My body wasn’t broken! I am designed to give birth. I even taught my doctor, who had delivered over a thousand babies, that it’s OK for a woman to give birth to a baby on all fours!

I am so thankful for Liz’s gentle coaching. She taught me to listen to my body, and go with it.”

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