The New Lamaze®

Lamaze® International has a long history in the world of childbirth. In the last fifty years, Lamaze® has evolved from a method of childbirth preparation to an organization that promotes normal, natural birth whenever possible. Lamaze® works closely with the World Health Organization and many other renowned establishments to support the health women and their families during this exciting and important time.

Enlightened Mama offers certified Lamaze® Childbirth Preparation Classes. We offer group and private classes. Our classes are smaller to ensure that you get everything you need, so sign up today, as space is limited!

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• Let labor begin on its own.
• Walk, move around, & change positions throughout labor
• Bring a loved one and/or doula for continuous support
• Avoid interventions that aren’t medically necessary
• Push in an upright position, following body’s natural urges
• Keep mother and baby together, with unlimited opportunity for breastfeeding



Enlightened Mama

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