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A Reflection on Mommy Wars

Recently, a certain formula company made a heartwarming commercial about the "mommy wars." If you haven't seen it yet, here's the synopsis: moms and dads at a park; breastfeeding moms against formula-feeding moms, cloth diaper against paper diaper, stay-at-home...

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Birth Story: Hattie’s Home Birth

Thanks to Amy and Nichol for sharing! I am fortunate to have had the experience of birthing at home, surrounded by loved ones and amazing midwives. For this months newsletter/pregnancy blog I get to share with you all about the labor and delivery. After a few nights...

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Birth Story: Cara & Gabe

Special thanks to Cara and Gabe for sharing their birth story with us! Although I totally bought into the idea of a guess date, and theoretically prepared to go past that date, when June 12th came and went I started getting very impatient. I was experiencing...

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