Craniosacral Therapy Minneapolis / St Paul

Craniosacral Therapy Benefits

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle bodywork, complementary to Western medicine. It involves restoring the body back to its original stage of balance by releasing blockages that interfere with normal function.

Craniosacral therapy services are available with Liz, Carrie, and Sarah.  They combine their knowledge of the body and its form and function,  their understanding of the experience of pregnancy and birth as doulas, and their vast knowledge of lactation as board-certified lactation consultants and lactation educator counselors, along with their extensive training in craniosacral therapy to offer you and your baby the most comprehensive care in the area.


  • Improved latch for infants, resulting in decreased pain for moms
  • Improved suck pattern after frenectomy (tongue and/or lip tie revision)
  • Improved milk transfer for infants to optimize breastfeeding and growth
  • Improved digestion and reduced fussiness/colic in infants
  • Reduction in chronic pain, especially in head, neck, & back
  • Release of tension & stress, both physical & emotional
  • Improved function of the nervous system

Infant/Child Pricing

Infant/Child Initial In-Office Visit

Infant/Child Initial In-Home Visit

Add Craniosacral Therapy To Any Lacation Visit

Adult Pricing

Adult Initial In-Office Visit (only)

Adult Follow-up In-Office Visit (only)

Massage/Craniosacral Combination 90 minute