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Are you a birth professional looking to further your knowledge & skills to support breastfeeding families? Are you looking to become part of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative? Are you an aspiring lactation consultant (IBCLC)? We’ve got the education you need!

Enlightened Mama partners with the University of California-San Diego Extension program to bring you a variety of lactation programs to meet your needs for training, continuing education, and hospital standards. These courses have both in-person and online options and components. Courses include:

Lactation Educator Counselor

This program prepares health professionals and other interested individuals to become lactation educators. It furnishes the basic information necessary to promote breastfeeding and to interact in the breastfeeding situation by assisting and encouraging the breastfeeding triad of mother, baby, and support person. Topics include basic anatomy and physiology of lactation, early attachment of the baby, hospital care, support during the postpartum stage, common concerns and solutions, and appliances and apparatuses used in breastfeeding. The Lactation Educator and the Lactation Educator Counselor are the same course. This 45 hour program meets the prerequisite requirement for the LEAARC accredited Lactation Consultant training program. At completion of the course students are “Certificated Lactation Educator Counselors.

Upcoming dates: Saint Paul, October 8-10, 2018; November 12-13, 2018 (must attend all sessions)

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Lactation Specialist

This course is designed for hospital staff and other birth professionals in the basic skills and triage techniques necessary to assist clients with breastfeeding. This training is an excellent opportunity for front line staff such as postpartum nurses, labor & delivery nurses, or WIC personnel to obtain consistent and clinically appropriate information for basic patient education. This course meets the requirements for the Step 2 of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative. A comprehensive overview of the basic skills is incorporated in the training, along with the most current information and recommendations for consistency in practice and the 10 Steps to Baby Friendly designation.

Lactation Consultant

This university based program is a clinical training program for Lactation Consultants, meeting the requirements for Pathway 2 set forth by IBCLE. It is primarily online with work done at a clinical site set up in your area. Lactation Consultants work within all realms of the lactation field. The LC will be able to triage breastfeeding problemns, educate consumers and professionals, and work with the setting up and management of breastfeeding programs. The lactation consultant deals with all aspects of the lactation process and practice. Lactation Consultants are employed by hospitals, physician’s offices, clinics, or are in private practice. Although one does not need to be a nurse to train as a lactation consultant, nurses who work with mothers, babies, and families often extend their skills by becoming Lactation Consultants. Lactation Consultants may work with pregnant women and their family in community perinatal health programs such WIC.