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Liz Lull

Liz Lull

Lactation Consultant, Educator, Doula, Alpha Mama

Liz is a certified birth doula & trainer with DONA (Doulas of North America), a Lamaze®-Certified Childbirth Educator & trainer, partnered with Passion for Birth. She works as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), trained through University of California, San Diego, where she is an instructor of lactation studies as well. As a doula, educator, lactation consultant, and trainer, she is not here to dictate the “best” way to birth, feed and care for babies, but rather to give families the opportunity to make truly informed decisions that feel right for them. She strives to impart this wisdom on all of her future colleagues as well in her professional trainings.

Liz (also known as the Alpha Mama) is the founder of Enlightened Mama, which has morphed and changed since its beginnings in 2006. Enlightened Mama offers the highest quality, most personalized lactation support, parent support, and professional education for doulas, childbirth educators, and lactation professionals. While Enlightened Mama has changed size and venues over the years, the mission remains: to be a safe space for community-building, evidence-based education, & unbiased support to empower individuals to feel confident & THRIVE in whatever they are doing–birth, parenting, breastfeeding, professional development, & their overall journey in life.

She lives in St. Paul, MN with her incredibly supportive wife, Gigi, and four fabulous children, who inspire and humble her on a daily basis. She serves families in the entire Twin Cities metro and surrounding area and educate birth and breastfeeding professionals worldwide.

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Gigi Lull

Gigi Lull

Lactation Consultant, Craniosacral Therapist, Doula, Massage Therapist

Gigi is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and DONA-certified birth doula, spending four years working at Hennepin County Medical Center as a birth doula (attending over 400 births!) She has also been a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist since 2005. Gigi specializes in craniosacral therapy, prenatal, postnatal & infant massage, cupping, deep tissue, and MRT (a technique that stretches and elongates the muscles). Gigi listens carefully to what people need, and brings a warm and down-to-earth approach to her work. She is honored to provide emotional, physical, and spiritual support for all families during the childbearing years.

Gigi is an Iowa native, and hails from Des Moines. She moved to the Twin Cities in 2012, and has found the birth community here to be an inspiration and a true home. You’ll find Gigi on traveling adventures, spending time with her family, trying different foods, and listening to live music with friends, old and new. She and her wife, Alpha Mama, Liz Lull, live in St. Paul with four fabulous kiddos and one cool cat, Barney.

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Landon Yakovleva

Landon Yakovleva

Doula, Educator, Business Manager

Landon has been a part of the Enlightened Mama team since August 2015, joining right after completing her DONA Birth Doula training with Alpha Mama, Liz Lull, and is currently the Enlightened Mama Business Manager, as well as facilitating our Community Parent Groups and Doula Happy Hours.

Landon also works as a full time birth doula at Have Heart Doula Services. She is also a member of The Childbirth Collective and a staff doula at Everyday Miracles. Landon is incredibly passionate about pregnancy, birth and parenthood. The birth of her daughter 3 years ago was an incredibly transformative experience that catapulted her into the birth world and community.

Landon lives in St. Paul with her partner, daughter, 2 old dogs and a bunny. When she’s not working, you will find her out and about the metro area on incredible adventures with her family.

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Jen Koenig

Jen Koenig

Doula, Educator, Lactation Counselor, Social Media & Marketing Director

She began her birth professional journey in early 2015, training as a birth doula with Childbirth International. In 2017, she became Certificated Lactation Educator Counselor, under the instruction of the fabulous Liz Lull and UC-San Diego, and certified with Stillbirthday as a birth and bereavement doula. Jen is an active member of The Childbirth Collective, a local non-profit that provides evidence based childbirth education. This allows her to give back to our community while being in the center of constant continuing education. She is a Queer Birth Project trained LGTBQ ally, and is passionate to provide culturally compassionate for all.

Jen has always had a strong connection and love for families. Her role as a birth worker is to support the experience each family desires emotionally, spiritually and physically, and to smooth the bumps in the road that accompany this unpredictable, yet incredible journey.

When she’s not working, you will find Jen outside, with her patient husband, Paul, and their two boys on their small plot of land, mastering her home brew kombucha, trying out new recipes, or on the couch binge-watching reality TV after the kids go to bed!


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Madolynn Duckwall

Madolynn Duckwall

Doula, Lactation Consultant, Educator

Madolynn is a certified birth doula through DONA, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), and a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE).

Madolynn became interested in birth work after attending the birth of her godson in 2009. After her daughter was born in 2014, she decided to really pursue doula certification and dive into the world surrounding birth from the early days of pregnancy to the months following the birth of the baby.

Madolynn is also a part of The Childbirth Collective, a nonprofit organization in the Twin Cities that provides childbirth education to families and also facilitates continuing education for its members. She is passionate about birth and helping everyone feel supported in their birth choices.

Madolynn lives in the south Metro area with her husband and incredibly spunky daughter.

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